The Bag Project Story

Begins June 2017 at KEYS Job Centre

Designer Carolyn Butts teaches newcomer women the first steps of fabricating a bag from recycled rubber inner tube Friday afternoons in a classroom.

Learning English

A translator is always present during the first months. The Bag Project helps to teach new English words and the women are encouraged to speak them while they work.

Women's Art Festival

Our first event introduces the newcomer women to their new Canadian market and their first sales.

New Friendships

The Bag Project brings strangers in a strange country together for needed support and understanding. Working together helps them feel more at home.

Rubber has a new begining too

Our hand made bags, totes and key rings are made from recycled rubber inner tubes and bicycle tires. This durable material is commonly sent to landfill. This rubber has exceptional properties such as durability, waterproof, vegan.

Welcome to The Tett

January 2018 bag production relocates to the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning in Kingston, Ontario. The Tett is the  perfect next step for collaboration and searching creative expression for new designs.

Public Office Support

Kingston MPP Sophie Kiwala offers her support for the project and purchases a one of a kind design.

Queens University Cares

A group of Queens University students use their reading week to lend their technical expertise to the Begin Again Group by helping to build this website and the social media platforms.

Designing a Co-operative

Business executive Rebecca Darling tutors the group on business structure. A co-operative for our social enterprise.

Learning to work in a co-operative

At KEYS learning how we will operate a 'working co-operative' from Russ Christianson.

Attending Conferences

Sharing our business and showing our product and OCASI, Ontario council for Agencies Supporting Immigrants, Toronto 2018

First sales meeting

Begin Again Group finds its first retailer in the gift shop at the Aga Khan museum, Toronto

Community Foundation Support

The Community Foundation of Kingston and Area supports the Begin Again Group with an operating grant in 2019 to help purchase tools and supplies, training and transportation.

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