The Begin Again Group

In spring of 2017 in Kingston, Ontario, refugee women from Syria, Sudan and Iraq came together to make bags from recycled rubber. The Bag Project was the inspiration of designer Carolyn Butts of Bon Eco Design in partnership with Wessam Ayad and the Refugee Women's Mentoring Program provided by Kingston Employment and Youth Services (KEYS). 


Strangers in a new country became friends and the Bag Project evolved into the Begin Again Group. Designing and fabricating unique rubber bags represent new beginnings for the material and the makers. The bags provide the focus for starting a business in Canada. KEYS coordinates the teaching and training necessary to run a successful social enterprise. Watch us grow with more products and services from the Begin Again Group.

What stories do we carry?

We all carry stories of our past, present and dreams for the future. If you purchased your bag recently you will notice a snowflake pattern punched into the rubber. Match it to the woman who made your bag to learn more about her.

Drawings by Emine.